Black Friday Deals Start November 29th!

Black Friday Deals

The holidays have officially arrived and we've got DEALS!

Keep your jingle bells merry and bright this holiday season with the most comfortable mens underwear available! The unique 'X' seam structure in XMark Underwear keeps everything together and off your legs without weird pouches or bunchy designs.

XMark underwear is designed to follow your junk to a single point under your body. This removes extra fabric between your legs and keeps everything together and off your legs. The key is the gradual narrowing of the front comfort pouch to a single point under your body - this allows the seams to follow the sides of your junk to the single point where it begins underneath you.

XMark Underwear works WITH your body to hold you the way your body actually exists instead of fighting your junk to constrict it.

Starting Black Friday 11/29 through Sunday 12/01 get 25% one pair, 30% off two pair, or 35% three or more pair.

Use the below promo codes starting 11/29:


25% Off One Pair


30% Off Two Pair


35% Off Three or More Pair