The Difference

At XMark Clothing, we take a different approach to designing mens fashion: What if mens clothes were designed around the way the male anatomy actually exists?

After two years of hard work, we are proud to announce our flagship product to kick off this design revolution: The XMark ‘Essentials’ line of premium fit boxer brief underwear.

XMark Essentials underwear features an innovative “X” seam structure that starts wider in the front, and follows along both sides of your junk between your legs to a single point under your body (the center of the “X”). This creates a comfort pouch unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before! From that single point under your body, the seam structure again widens for the back panel which comfortably provides back end support, and keeps the underwear out of places it doesn’t belong…

Unlike other brands that have tried to achieve the same level of comfort, we didn’t just use premium fabric - and we avoided adding gimmicky weird walls, double pouches, or holes to put things in. We simply took a look at our own bodies, designed a new seam structure that leaves room for your package and that comfortably holds all your components - separating everything from your legs, while reducing extra fabric.  

In addition to our innovative X seam pouch, we have eliminated sizing gaps. Often overlooked in major brands, sizing is a big part of how something fits. Most brands have gaps in their sizing forcing you to choose between too big or too small. Our sizing is different to help get an even more comfortable fit in your underwear. 

No other pair of underwear has ever been mass produced with this design, and no other pair of underwear can provide the same level of comfort and support. Designing underwear that takes into account how a guy’s body actually exists doesn’t seem crazy… What’s crazy is that no one else has ever done it.

We are proud to be the first!

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